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An attractive garden gives you a great space for a spot of socialising with others and in many instances a wonderful feature to enhance the look of a home. No two gardens are likely to be the same and you will find that with so many differing styles and reasons for gardening they often vary hugely in terms of their style and function.

Spend an adequate amount of time planning what you want to position where and how your space will look before you get the shovel out and make a start. You could opt to employ a talented designer to produce a professional, scaled design for you or you could come up with your own design quite easily.

If you are going to be planning your own garden design, you will probably find it useful to look through a variety of online galleries for some inspiration to get you started. Maintenance should always be at the top of your list of priorities when you are planning your garden. By including irrigation and water butts and placing weed suppressants in beds, you can save yourself a significant amount of time in the future. Cardboard or layered newspaper placed at the base of your raised beds and planters provide an efficient ‘free’ suppressant for weeds, that will last for years before eventually breaking down in the soil.

It is essential to be realistic when choosing plants to include in your garden design. Regardless of whether you will be planting flowers or plants for the way they look or you want to grow food for consumption, it is essential to choose plant varieties that are well suited to your location or the results will be very disappointing. You cannot grow tropical plants in the wrong climate and achieve the results you are after. Local plant nurseries and garden centres are an excellent place to get some expert advice on the right plants for your garden.

Obtain as much advice and information as possible from those around you with experience. Beginning for the first time with seeds for your herb or vegetable garden can be disappointing when things go wrong, so for a good head start it may help to begin with small seedlings which are sold during the right point in the growing season. A growing number of people are enjoying the rewards of producing their own food from their gardens.

A well landscaped flower garden is equally rewarding of course. Through planting a variety of different annual and perennial plant varieties you can achieve a stunning show of colour through the majority of the year and create a gorgeous outside area to compliment your lifestyle and property. Planning and creating a gorgeous functional space and maintaining it beautifully can be an extremely enjoyable form of recreation for many people. It is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy and often develops into an extremely enjoyable hobby.

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