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The Zend Framework Techniques and Its Boons:

If you want to develop custom web based applications, then PHP is one of the best platforms to use. PHP is one of the best server side scripting languages (SSL) running today. It is used to create dynamic webpages that interact with the user offering customized information. The success of this server side scripting language lies in its suppleness to design websites and application with great functionality. It is compatible with many frameworks. One such framework is Zend Framework.

The Zend Framework:

Zend Framework is also an open source and object oriented web application framework for the developers of PHP 5. Also known as the “component library” for its many slackly coupled components, it offers an advanced Model View Controller (MVC) implementation to set up a fundamental structure for Zend Framework applications. It creates more reusable codes that you can handily use for further development.

Benefits of Using the Zend Framework:

There are quite a few benefits of using the Zend framework which are:

ü Components like Model-View-Controller, Internalization, Rapid Application Development, etc. help improve the productivity and functionality.

ü The Rapid Application Development (RAD) extends great tooling support and a command line client

ü Even smoothens the progress of the creating Search Engine friendly URLs

ü Great scope for customization

ü Offers the PHP developers with an excellent lightweight component library with almost 80% functionality

ü It helps in building PHP web applications with more ease and least trouble.

ü Zend is a framework that is known for its simplicity. There are a number of advantages attached if Zend framework is used constructively and in a proper manner. Some of its most prominent advantages include:

ü The developers are not required to develop within the structure of the framework to exploit its various components

ü The Model-View-Controller which separates the code implementation also helps developers build efficient applications

ü The Rapid Application Development (RAD) generates the project architecture and MVC artifacts, etc. for the web applications

ü Extends complete support to all the features of the latest version of PHP

ü Supports the use of multiple languages

ü Exceptionally flexible framework

ü It extends full support to the developers to create application models founded on the database engines they require

There are many more advantages of using the Zend Framework. Other important benefit of using the framework is its internalization and localization components. Since most of the PHP projects these days are outsourced to PHP Developers spread across India, there is a special feature which supports multiple languages and you can easily add any particular language to suit the demanding international market.

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