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There are numerous reasons to plant natural hedges on your property or land and as well as looking incredible, hedges can offer a number of great advantages. But with so many to choose from, it is essential to plan carefully and be very clear about the goals you aim to achieve at the outset, before committing to plants as they all have such different features.


A hedge is an extremely cost effective way to create a border or boundary compared to the expense of man made fence panels. With their natural resistance to outdoor elements, plants will also require less maintenance overall and last for an incredibly long time. Creating a new hedge is a great way to enhance the look of your property and can play a key role in the design of your garden. You can plant a natural screen or boundary anywhere you need one with plants.


A hedge can offer a number of practical solutions to issues that are commonly faced by homeowners. When used for screening, a hedge can provide a great deal of privacy and prevent you from being overlooked by others. When screens need to be high to create the necessary level of privacy, the most natural and attractive looking option is a growing hedge. If you need your hedge for privacy or to screen your own eyes from a particular view or eyesore you do not want to have to look at, you will need to look for plants that will be able to achieve the level of density and height you want, in an appropriate quantity of time. Impenetrable varieties of plant, with thorns and prickles have been used as a deterrent for intruders with great success for years.


Hedges are an excellent way to protect properties and exterior spaces from excessively high winds too. For maximum possible protection, plant a thick barrier by placing two rows of plants together to create a really solid hedge.


Pollution can also be efficiently managed with a hedge which has ability to filter out dust and other particles as well as noise. Lots of wildlife can be encouraged into gardens to find shelter and food in a hedge.


When choosing the best plants for your hedge, it is important to consider the amount of maintenance your new hedge will need and make absolutely sure it will meet the needs of your project. Any hedge will need to be pruned and maintained but some will require far more attention than other varieties.


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