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In 2013 Forbes has identified three pillars of Social Engine Optimization (SEO) –Content, Link and Social Media. Let’s discuss about the third pillar. The Social Media - There were times when social media was used to make friends, share photos and videos. Now, the image of the social media has multiple folds. Researchers believe social media marketing has an impact on SEO.

SEO and online marketing goes hand in hand, which is prioritized in the marketing campaigns of many organizations. With millions of searches being done every day a company that can’t be found in the top of search engine results is practically invisible.

Integration of social media otherwise called as networking has knit the world so close. We are living in a time where not just pizza is delivered at your door step, even your clothes, shoes, furniture, electronic items everything reach your door. There aremany companies who know where to attract people – the social media. Such companies get into social network and stir their website content and serve it to every community of people across the world. The best SEO companies will be able to deliver the magic of SEO through social media.

A good content strategy helps in putting up anuprightSEO for your website/ company. Marketing a brand in social media involves efficient content, meaningful attractive visual aids, and an easy navigable link for the website. First impression is the best impression, hence linking appropriate words as links makes a lot of difference, as people are always prone to click their way to glory.

Let’s see the agenda by which the best SEO Companies link Social media for better results:

•  A quality article is written and gets published in Facebook/Twitter.

•  When the content is very informative, the same gets shared and linked.

•  Through sharing and linking the website gets a lot of subscribersmostly by means of numerous likes.

•  More links to your post, means more views will be gathered, resulting in more website viewing.

•  Increased subscribers to your website ensures increase in web traffic.

•   The increased web traffic in turn will help in making the website most popular and thus resulting in increased clientele.

A popular bloggerRob Petersen says that 70 times when a post is shared by Facebook along with 50 plus likes, the search ranking is improved by 7%. So imagine how much you can do to soar the search ranking through social media.

So, now it’s time to hire the best SEO Company. The Dallas SEO company makes sure they are intact with the developments of the social media and makes sure they produce the best content for your product/service. SEO and social media have yin and yang relationship held together by content.Dallas SEO Company knows the key for a successful content on SEO, which is to create new content centred on customer needs. Dallas SEO Company use social media monitoring tools to find out communities where people are having conversations related to your keyword targets, participate and spread the word about your company. The key is to become a trusted resource in an online community.Dallas SEO Company believes that SEO should be present in all the online activities that a company undertakes and finds a way to pull the offline marketing methods online.

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