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Whatever style you prefer for a kitchen, solid wood is an excellent choice for creating a wonderful kitchen in any home. Solid wood is a hard-wearing material which can resist wear and tear.

A hand made, kitchen built from good quality materials is a wise investment to improve any property. A solid wood kitchen has a timeless style and when you invest in an excellent quality kitchen, you can be confident it will look terrific for many years.

We spend many hours in our kitchens, because this room is the central hub of the home where we cook, eat and catch up with one another. This room is required to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear daily so durability of cabinets, fixtures and fittings is fundamental.

The best quality cabinets are constructed from a quality hardwood that has the most durability and resistance to dents. Wood is made more resistant to moisture damage by being coated with wax or another sealant and this also brings out the natural beauty of the woodgrain. A wooden finish suits many styles of kitchen, including farmhouse, or shaker, but is not the right finish to suit everybody's taste.



A very popular choice these days is a solid wood kitchen, with a painted finish. A hand painted finish has a light airy feel for a modern look. Units in a hand painted kitchen are frequently built with solid pine, combined with a hardwood around the frame and on the front of drawers and doors. Wood is carefully chosen for each part, taking care to avoid any knots which can bleed through and stain paint. In terms of versatility, a hand painted kitchen is fantastic as it is cost effective and fairly easy to change the look with a different colour should you feel like a change.

If you enjoy the look of both wood and painted finishes, you could choose both. You can achieve a more individual look by combining a hand painted kitchen with features of a bare hardwood on some drawers or doors.

For more subtle accents of wood, you could add wine racks or shelving instead. Using imagination and a great design, you can create a stunning, functional space that will be a joy to be in.


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