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There are many big decisions to make when you are arranging a wedding and one of the most fundamental has to be the choice of venue. There are so many different points to consider when searching for the ideal wedding venue to tick all the right boxes. In addition to the traditional church wedding there are a excellent variety of other options for couples to choose from. When couples marry in church, they must also choose a second venue for the reception.


With the varied selection of licensed venues available, it should be possible to identify exactly what you want, no matter how traditional or way out there that might be. People looking for an unusual setting for their occasion could choose a train, ship, zoo or stadium , whereas a more traditional looking setting could be a country home, palace or even a country barn.



Venues with picturesque gardens are a great choice for summer weddings and present great opportunities for the wedding photographer. A naturally beautiful environment with fantastic weather can be unbeatable.


Remember that the weather cannot be relied on, especially if you live in the UK and it can be a big error to arrange an entire day around the outdoor space with no plan B for if it rains.



It could be easier or more convenient to get married somewhere fairly local but fundamentally there is nothing to stop you choosing a venue anywhere you like. Make sure that there is plenty of overnight accommodation available for guests.


You should have a pretty good idea of how many guests you are planning to invite to the ceremony and reception, so you can begin to look and make the right choice, because some venues will be immediately eliminated because of size. The ideal situation is to find a place with plenty of space to accommodate your close family and a good choice of alternative accommodation for others close by.



You may find that you can soon narrow down your choice using info on online wedding venue directories, which for many people present an excellent way of finding what is available out there. Bookmark some some options that may be ideal then have a closer look at their business website and online gallery to get a better idea of whether a venue looks like a suitable choice. Having shortlisted some venues, you will need to spend time visiting them in person to explore the location in full and see what you think.

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