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Using chair covers to hide unsightly chairs really can transform a room from mundane to magical. We’ve lost count of the times we’ve heard “a chair is a chair, covered or uncovered makes no difference”. (Normally from the grooms’ mouth). For their attitude to be transformed (much like their venue) the moment they walk into it dressed for their big day.

Some bridal parties are put off having them as they think that once you’ve seen one chair cover, you’ve seen them all. This is where we differ from competitor wedding decoration companies.

Wedding Chair Cover Hire Essex can personalise and transform a wedding reception in many ways.

First and foremost, we have what we believe is the vastest range of organza sash colours in the country, thus being able to offer a guarantee to match any colour scheme! We stock so many we even hire them out to other chair cover hire suppliers based in Essex and beyond!

We do not just stock the classic Lycra and linen chair covers, but also have a “deluxe’ range. Consisting of the ruffled lycra chair covers, and the criss cross lycra chair covers. Both of which are not offered by the majority of chair cover hire companies in the UK. (Certainly not in Essex!)

Bored of the standard chair cover and bow? No problem, we can tie the sashes in an array of different knots and styles so as to ensure something fresh and probably unseen before by your guests for your unique big day! If you’ve seen something you like, send us a photo and we’ll find out how its done!

Tired of organza sashes? We’re not called We Got it Covered for no reason! We also stock  a range of bespoke alternatives, such as satin, taffeta and lace sashes, flock sashes, Lycra bands, Lycra bands with diamante studs and more all available in at least 25 different colours.

If that wasn’t enough, we can accessorise each chair with a choice of buckles, blooms and foliage to match any theme-from Essex glam to original vintage.
All 4 styles of chair covers we hire out are available in white, ivory and black so there are literally millions of combinations to be had!

We are based in Southend, Essex. Our set up service covers a 75 mile radius of our address. This means will go to and dress ourselves any venue in the whole of Essex and London, most of Kent, Hertfordshire and Surrey, and delve into parts of Bedfordshire, Suffolk, Sussex, Cambridgeshire and Middlesex.

For venues outside these areas, as well as clients who’d like to add their own personal touch to their day and for those on a budget-we also offer a DIY service whereby chair covers are sent directly to yourself or the venue and collected after the event at a cheaper rate.

Going into 2014, we are finding that as the UK starts to heal from the recession, there have definitely been more engagements judging by our social media following. Also, people can afford to treat themselves and have that perfect wedding they’ve always dreamt of.

Chair covers hire and venue styling are a huge part of that dream.

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