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Agile project management has been used for more than a decade now and continues to gain popularity with a broad variety of different organisations. Efficiency and quality are greatly improved through using the principles of Agile project management.

Using Agile methods a significant increase in expansion and growth is typical, resulting from improved productivity. Agile completely embraces change and responds to with a flexible approach. The outcome of a project is much less rigid with an Agile project as the planning process is developed in a different way to the more traditional project management style.

The end product when working with Agile project management is always a little less predictable, in comparison with old methods, but this is not in any way a disadvantage. This methods positive attitude to change means that the project can be adapted and changed if necessary to respond to any issues that arise or become apparent during the development stage.

Staff are encouraged to work closely with one another to reach goals and share accountability and responsibility for a projects success. Meetings are held frequently and play a fundamental role in keeping the whole team focussed. During meetings, the team can be brought up to date on progress, before making plans together about the next stage of the process and preparing for its completion. Tasks are shared according to skill and the team are left to organise themselves.

The most straightforward set up for working with Agile methods is for all members of the team to be in the same office or building, as this means they are able to strong working relationships much more easily. But this is not essential, thanks to the many different ways we are able to communicate with one another these days in a one to one or group situation. The current state of the economy means that competition is tough and great performance is critical. Agile can really bring a lot of benefits to an organisation. Through its very forward thinking approach that is centred on teamwork and collaboration, Agile project management can really help businesses compete and keep up with the pace in this rapid changing, diverse global market.

With such a flexible and practical take on project management, Agile is an option that is worth considering

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